The Bridge Training Institute offers continuing education workshops and personalized consultation services that focus on evidence-based and best practice treatment models for human services professionals and licensed clinicians.  Our training and consultation services help you to develop proven and effective clinical skills.  You will always come away with tools that you can put into practice the next day.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultation Team
A weekly, online professional development experience

The DBT Consultation team is often referred to as "therapy for the therapist." The team's role is to "help the therapist think clearly about how to conceptualize the patient, the relationship, and behavioral change in DBT theoretical terms, and how to apply the treatment skillfully." (Linehan, 1993, p. 428). The team also helps each member maintain balanced attitudes and behaviors toward clients and members act as cheerleaders to maintain the motivation of each member.
From: DBT-Linehan Board of Certification website

As you know from your DBT training, the Consultation Team is critical to ensuring that you are delivering effective treatment. The Consultation Team also provides the ongoing learning, support and encouragement every therapist needs to keep going in the face of enormous clinical challenges.

The Bridge Training Institute is offering an ongoing, online Consultation Team led by 2 highly skilled and experienced leaders. Membership is limited to 8 people. Each session will conform to the Consultation Team principles and format specified by Marsha Linehan. For a very detailed description of the Consultation Team, please see:

There are 2 Consultation Teams that meet meet for 90 minutes every Tuesday in a video-conference format. Team 1 meets at 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM EST. Team 2 meets at 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM EST. A computer, tablet or cell phone with a camera is all the technology you will need. A high-speed internet connection is recommended.

The Learning Objectives
During the Consultation Team, participants will: 

  • Utilize the Behavioral Agreements of the DBT Consultation Team
  • Utilize the Consultation Team Agreements
  • Participate in a variety of mindfulness practices
  • Utilize DBT Consultation Team Agenda Setting
  • Participate in Case Consultation (based on hierarchy of targets and urgency ratings);
  • Participate in learning and practicing DBT Skills and Concepts

The Continuing Education Credits
CEUs will be awarded every 6 weeks as follows:
Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers - 4.5 Credits
Massachusetts Psychological Association (APA)- 9 Credits
Massachusetts Mental Health Counselor Association (LMHC) - 9 Credits 

Please note: You must attend at least 5 of the 6 sessions to receive your CEUs. We are not permitted to offer partial credit.

The Cost  
The cost of membership in the Consultation Team is $150 per month. The benefits of membership include: participation in the weekly 90-minute Consultation Team sessions; unlimited access to the DBT Insiders Page at; DBT documents created by team leaders such as skills group handouts and diary cards and; access to the most current research studies and new developments in DBT treatment.

We will charge your credit card each month 15 days in advance. Your company may also pay for your membership through a recurring purchase order that allows us to invoice for your membership on a monthly basis. You may cancel your membership at any time.

Who Should Participate
Members should have a strong training and/or direct supervised experience in DBT and be actively leading DBT skills groups or providing DBT individual therapy

Please contact: Stephen Murphy,, 508-755-0333 or Jennifer Eaton,, 508-755-0333

Click Here for the Consultation Team registration form.

Your Team Leader:
Jamelle Greene, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist and received her Dialectical Behavior Training (DBT) through Behavioral Tech's "Comprehensive Training for Independent Practitioners", a 2-year course. She completed on-site intensive and advanced intensive training taught by Adam Payne, PhD and Elizabeth Dexter-Mazza, PsyD, participated for two years in an online DBT consultation team led by Adam Payne, PhD, and completed over 50 hours of online courses focused on practicing comprehensive DBT. 
Dr. Greene had a private practice in Framingham for several years and recently relocated her practice to Amherst, where she specializes in providing outpatient DBT to adolescents and adults. She has run skills groups for adolescents and young adults both in private practice and in community mental health settings, most recently at Arlington Youth Counseling Center, where she served as their supervising psychologist. She continues to be part of a consultation team with Jen Eaton at Castlebrook Counseling in Westborough. Dr. Greene began her career in education, working in both public and independent schools. She continues to consult to school counselors and teachers on a wide range of psychological issues relevant to educational settings.

In addition to being Jen Eaton's co-leader for the DBT Training Series at Open Sky, Dr. Greene also leads two weekly training consultation teams through Open Sky for clinicians wishing to deepen their DBT knowledge and strengthen their DBT practice with clients.