Dialectical Behavior Therapy Consultation

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a leading example of an evidence-based practice. DBT was originally developed as an outpatient treatment for adults struggling with symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. Since its development in 1993, DBT has been adapted to fit a diverse population and has been applied in varied settings such as public schools, community-based group living environments, hospitals, corrections facilities, and outreach treatment settings.

DBT has been proven to be effective with people who experience persistent emotional distress, have difficulty maintaining healthy and stable relationships, and rely on impulsive or risky behaviors to regulate or avoid their emotions, such as self-injury or suicidal behaviors. DBT has been used to treat high performing, but distressed students, adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral disturbances, people with eating disorders, substance use disorders and people with persistent mental illness and/or developmental disabilities.

DBT is a supportive and collaborative treatment that emphasizes skill-building and highly individualized treatment plans. The full treatment package includes four modalities: DBT Skills Groups, Individual Therapy, Coaching, and a Provider Consultation Team.

Since the inception of DBT, it has been adapted by Open Sky to treat various populations:

  • Young adults
  • Adults with mental illness
  • Adults with traumatic brain injury 
  • Adults with mental illness and problematic sexual behaviors
  • Adults with developmental disabilities
  • Older adults with depressive symptoms
  • Individuals with eating disorders
  • Individuals with substance misuse and/or dependence

Open Sky has received numerous awards and recognition for our state-of-the-art work with DBT, including the American Psychiatric Association Gold Award in 2004.

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