VIRTUAL-Supported Employment Services

VIRTUAL TRAINING-Tuesday,November 09, 2021,
1:00 PM-4:00 PM-$99 including CEUs
Supported Employment Services
Amelia Dillon

An introductory level training for practitioners to learn about supported employment. The focus of this workshop will be to learn what exactly is supported employment and how does it work, including engagement techniques, making it person-centered, ensuring proper employment supports are in place, disclosure, job development vs job placement and the referral process.

Following this training the participants will understand:

  • What is supported employment? Who is “ready” for employment? 
  • Myth busting about employment and benefits
  • Techniques for engagement in supported employment and developing an employment plan
  • Job development vs. job placement
  • MRC Referral process


Amelia Dillon is the Director of Career Services with Open Sky Community Services and has worked for the agency for 25 years in a variety of roles. She currently is responsible for training and supervising all Career Counselors across Open Sky.  She also collaborates with Mass Rehab Commission and ACCS teams to provide employment services for individuals served by Open Sky.

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