VIRTUAL-Hoarding Interventions Series

VIRTUAL-Wednesday, January 24 & February 7, 2024-9:00 AM-12:00 PM

$200 including CEUs
Hoarding Interventions 2 Day Series
Jesse Edsell-Vetter

Attendees will leave this training series feeling confident in identifying hoarding, assessing risk, and with the skills necessary to effectively begin the intervention process.
Day One:
            hoarding defined
            demographics and prevalence
            risk assessment
            understanding key factors in intervention
            Stektee and Frost conceptual model for hoarding
            Assessment protocols for home and office
Day Two:
            Effective Communication with the client, collateral providers, and others
            Intervention Planning
            Intervention Methods (Sorting/Discarding, Harm Reduction)
            Using a Team-based Approach

Each day will use a combination of lecture, case studies in small groups, and 3-D models of cluttered environments. Participants will have access to key assessment tools to take forward in their practice.

Following this training the participants will understand:

  • How to properly define hoarding
  • Key elements in successful intervention
  • Practice tools for risk assessment
  • Strategies for engaging the client in intervention
  • How to use a team-based approach for intervention

Jesse Edsell-Vetter is the Director of Resident Services for Homeowner's Rehab Inc and offers private consulting for community organizations seeking to build community-based hoarding intervention models. Edsell-Vetter previously founded Metro Housing's Center for Hoarding Intervention which offered services to residents in Greater Boston at risk of eviction due to hoarding behavior as well as training and technical assistance in the United States and Canada.

Jesse authored Effective Hoarding Intervention: Using A Case Management Approach for Reducing Clutter and Changing Behavior and contributed to The Hoarding Handbook: A Guide for Human Service Professionals. He has been a regular speaker throughout in United States and Canada including at the International Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Annual Conference and at the San Francisco Mental Health Association Hoarding Conference. His work has been highlighted by The Boston Globe Magazine, National Public Radio, and the documentary film Beyond Hoarding.

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